Workflow Validation

When Sessions are complex, and make use of parameterization and/or randomization it is useful to have a mechanism to validate and debug the workflow.

DiveCloud Validation Button provides the ability to run a session workflow as if it were a single virtual user. 

After editing the session with variables and parameters, just click the triangle icon on the top of the requests as shown in the figure below.



The following image will appear for a few seconds:


And then it will automatically display the results:

  • The list of all requests in the workflow (highlighted in red if they returned an error) in the order they were executed
  • When expanded (by clicking the small arrow on the left of the request) it will display all the parameters and data related to that requests:
    • Variables used and their content for this run
    • Request and Response Headers
    • Request and Response Bodies



The last three execution are saved and can be seen in the session on the right side above the list of requests. They are also highlighted in red if at least one of the requests failed.



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