TeamCity Plugin

Nouvola provides a plugin to run DiveCloud tests within TeamCity. 


First of all you need to install the Nouvola Plugin, by uploading the file or going to GitHub.



To use the Nouvola Plugin in a TeamCity project, go to your TeamCity implementation.  It is assumed that you have at least a basic knowledge on how TeamCity works.

Add a Build Step in either a new build or an existing build, as shown here below.



Choose Nouvola DiveCloud Test as the Runner Type


 Enter the step parameters for the build:

  • Test Name: the name you want to give to this test.
  • test plan ID : the ID in Nouvola DiveCloud for the test
  • API Key: your Nouvola DiveCloud API key

The other parameters are optional:

  • Wait Time: the time when polling for results will start (when Webhook is not set)
  • Webhook options: if using a webhook, the URL where to return and a timeout


Once you are ready, you can start the build. After running the build, Results will show if the execution was successful.




In the Artifacts tab you can see the link to the detailed results. An email is also sent at result completion.


For more information on what data you need to provide to the plugin, go to the TeamCity Nouvola Plugin page.



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