Think Time


When representing user’s behavior, user needs time to perform certain activities on a web application. This is often an unpredictable and variable time. This random time is often referred to as think time. In order to generate tests where this user’s behavior is taken into account, DiveCloud provides a feature called Think Time. Think Time can be added to any text plan.

Think Time can use different wait times:

  • fixed repeatable amounts, that range between 0 and 20 second.
  • random amount between 0 and 1 sec.

This time is calculated and added to each step in the test execution. If it is a random amount, the amount will vary at each execution.


When creating a test, in the NewTest Plans page, there is the option to select Think Time.


By default the "Do not use Think Time" option is set. If a predefined amount is selected (like 10 sec in the example) then every time the test is run, there will be delay of 10 sec before the next request is executed. 

If the "Think Time per Session?" box is checked (as in the image below), then the delay is applied at the end of the session, or if it is a parallel multisession, at the end of each multisession. If you use multisession where each session represents a click, you could use the per Session Think Time to introduce a delay similar to what a user would do in between clicks. 


If the Random value is chosen, than the amount will vary during the execution between 0 and 1 second.

It could be a good idea to test the same scenario with or without Think Time and compare results. Or change the Think Times and observe possible variations on performance.



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