In the test plan, under the Advanced Options there is a field to set a Timeout. 

This is useful for preventing requests in the test from hanging for hours due to slow networks or links going down.

The timeout is set in seconds, and if it is hit, a warning message will be returned.

it is important to notice that this will possibly make some of the requests invalid from the performance perspective. 

It is also crucial to pick a value that will still allow reasonably slow requests to be executed. If they are also made shorter, the whole tests outcome might not be valid.

If the application is very fast a timeout of 1-2 seconds should be reasonable. But in some cases it might be safer to have a timeout of 5-10 seconds or more, in case requests tends to be responsive but very slow.

A default value of 10 seconds is set and can only be edited in the advanced Tiers.


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