Jenkins Plugin

Nouvola provides a plugin to run DiveCloud tests within Jenkins. 


First of all you need to install the Nouvola Plugin, following the Jenkins instructions

To use the Nouvola Plugin in a Jenkins project, go to your Jenkins installation, for example: http://localhost:8080/

If you already have a Project, you can use an existing project. If you are starting new, you can go to the "New Item" and create a new Job.


Once you have created your project you can add a Build Step, and pull the Nouvola step from the menu, as shown here below.

Enter the test plan ID for the test you want to run, and enter the API Key, found in your DiveCloud account tab.


If you want to wait for the test to complete, and find out if the test passed or failed, you can add a webhook. Just add the name of the return URL that you want to call, as in the image below:


You can also setup a timeout, so that your tests will continue even if this test does not complete.

Results can be saved as artifacts, by adding the post build action. The file name is: results_link.html


Once you are ready, you can start the build.



You can follow information on the test and it results also in the Console Output. In the console you can see if the test has completed and its outcome. An email is also sent at result completion.


For more information on what data you need to provide to the plugin, go to the Nouvola Plugin Page in Jenkins






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