Postman imports

When using Postman, DiveCloud can import API's workflow saved in Postman collections.

From the Postman UI, select the Collection you want to import and then select the "Export" option from the pull down menu as shown in the image below.


It will ask you which version to use.

NOTE! You need to use Collection V1, as shown in the image below.


This command will create a JSON file containing a list of all the collections of API workflows created via Postman. The file is save one your computer with a default name as this: <your_collection_name>.postman_collection.json

In DiveCloud, under the Session tab there is the import icon, as shown here below.


When selected it will show a pull down list of file types. Select the Postman type, then save. The collection will show up in the Session table as a separate session. The name of the sessions will be the same names used in Postman as collection. Once collections are imported, they can be edited and modified as any other sessions.

NOTE: if you have used variables in Postman, they will not be recognized as such in DiveCloud. Once imported, you will need to replace them as needed. A detailed description of how to use DiveCloud variables can be found here.



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